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Purchasing an NFA / Class 3 Item? Here’s How!

Good news, everyone! The Armories has partnered with Silencer Shop to make the process of acquiring a Class 3 item as easy and as seamless as possible. You can now purchase a silencer right from the Silencer Shop online store and pick up your NFA / Class 3 item in Kissimmee, Winter Garden, or Oviedo.

If you’ve never purchased a sound suppressor (aka, silencer), or other NFA / Class 3 item, you may be intimidated by the process.

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More on 41F: Form 1 Fun!

41F is not the “monster under the bed”

Within the last year, we have seen an increase in both NFA (Class III) product purchases and people who want to build an SBR from a stripped receiver or out of an existing rifle or pistol.  There was a lot of fearful talk and speculation about some of the details surrounding executive order 41F in the months leading up to its effective date on July 13th of this year, but hopefully this quick guide can shed some much needed light on the matter.  The good news is that the results are in, 41F has taken effect and it’s not the “monster under the bed” that some of us were anticipating.

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TruGlo, Why Night Sights Can Be The Right Sights

Why TruGlo Night Sights Can Be The Right Sights

It’s 3 a.m. on a Tuesday night and you awake abruptly to the sound of breaking glass. You’d heard about some break-ins nearby but never thought you’d find yourself as the next case. As you hear footsteps shuffling through the next room, you open your bedside drawer and retrieve your handgun… and just in time. The bedroom door gets pushed open and you point your firearm towards the perceived threat but realize you still can’t see a thing. How are you to know where you’re actually aiming?

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Glock 43, the Only Choice for Concealed Carry

Glock 43: Slim, Compact, and Glock Perfection

Gaston Glock

Gaston Glock

Gaston Glock was born in 1929, but wouldn’t create his first firearm for another 53 years.  Gaston spent the early years of his life mastering and manufacturing the production of plastic household goods. Until 1980, when he purchased his first plastic injection molding machine for the manufacturing of sheaths and handles for the Austrian army.  During this time, Glock was already one of the world leaders in using the most advanced polymers of the day. In 1981, he used his know-how and engineering background to create his first firearm, the Glock 17.

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You Should Get Talon Grips for Your Gun, Just Sayin’

“Hold on with a bulldog grip, and chew and choke as much as possible.” ~Abraham Lincoln

We’ve all been there. You’re out at the range, showing off your mad shooting skills, when suddenly your sweaty hands fail you and the gun goes flying. Now the range officer is furious, the ladies are unimpressed, and you’re thoroughly embarrassed. But how is a shooter to avoid this problem? How can positive retention be had in a Florida summer? And how can you maintain your cool guy image under pressure? Talon Grips. Game, set, match.

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